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  • Petromax_Rezeptsaison_recipe_season
  • Petromax_Rezeptsaison_recipe_season
  • Petromax_Rezeptsaison_recipe_season
  • Petromax_Rezeptsaison_recipe_season

Petromax Recipe Season 2017

You love outdoor cooking? The sound of a crackling fire wakes your creativity? Then share your inspirations with us and enter the Petromax Recipe Season 2017! Send us your favourite recipes from the [...]

  • ls1_Lagerfeuerspieß_Campfire Skewer_Brochette pour feu de camp
  • ls1_ls2_Lagerfeuerspieß_Campfire Skewer_Brochette pour feu de camp
  • ls2_Lagerfeuerspieß_Campfire Skewer_Brochette pour feu de camp

Campfire Easy-Peasy – with the Campfire Skewers ls1 & ls2

It there anything better than spending time around the fire together on a great barbecue evening? For that, a few bite-sized, roasted treats grilled over the fire are definitely a must. With the practical Petromax [...]

  • Feuerpfanne_Fire Skillet_Poêle en fonte

The X-Large Specialist for Effortless Cleaning – Chain Mail Cleaner XL

Now cleaning of your cast and wrought iron pots and pans will become even more easier. The new Petromax Chain Mail Cleaner XL is larger than the proven Petromax Chain Mail Cleaner. Thereby you can [...]

What drives us

We love what we do. The experiences that you share with us are our motivation. We want to keep developing Petromax in order to share with our clients, partners and friends what we most care about.
It is our philosophy to combine tradition and innovation. We rely on tried and tested sturdy materials to meet your quality standards as well as ours through innovative combinations. For us, this is what is important for all that we develop: A product is a good one only when it is resistant, robust and durable.
Passing on what is good: That is what Max Graetz has done successfully with its creation of the worldwide known high-pressure lamp. Petromax has made a name for itself with a tradition of more that 100 years.