The chirping birds announce it: Daybreak is imminent, and the first rays of sunlight slowly cover the tent roof. Gradually, you and your companions find your way out of the sleeping bags and it seems hard to disperse the fatigue and cold of the past night. Yet suddenly, you perceive the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, of eggs and bacon because your cook knows what you need to regain your strength. While flames blaze under the Fire Bridge and a promising breakfast is sizzling, fresh coffee and fruity tea are already brewed in two percolators. No more waiting, as the chef singlehandedly fills up your cups by tilting the pouring aids.

This is a perfect start into the day for you and your whole camp!

Pouring Aid for the percolator: Safe suspension over the fire

The Pouring Aid is especially designed as a holding and tilting device for the combined use with the Stainless-Steel Percolators by Petromax. The bent stainless-steel rods of the pouring aid are simply guided through suspension and handle of the pots and will hold them safely. Hooked in, both cooking tools are suspended on the crossbar of the Fire Bridge, directly over the flames.

Petromax Ausgießhilfe per-tip haengend Pouring Aid hanging Aide verseur suspendue
Petromax Ausgießhilfe per-tip an Feuerbruecke Pouring Aid at Fire Bridge Aide verseur sur Pont de chauffe
Petromax Ausgießhilfe per-tip Pouring Aid Aide verseur

While the strong coffee or the tasteful tea is brewed or kept warm you can have a cup without taking your percolator from the fire. Simply tilt the pouring aid via the handle made of natural beech wood, which at the same time protects from burns, and pour precisely.

No more queues or tired faces: As a white-hot fire barista and true outdoor chef you can now satisfy the thirst for hot beverages and for an adventurous atmosphere all at once with the Petromax Pouring Aid.

Petromax Ausgießhilfe per-tip an Feuerbruecke Kaffee eingießen Pouring Aid pouring coffee FireBridge Aide-verseur en versant café Pont de chauffe