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Petromax Photo Calendar 2018

Finally the new Petromax Calendar for 2018 has arrived hot off the press! We thank all participants for the large number of entries of your photos with Petromax products. The choice for the twelve best pictures was not easily made but it was worth it: With the Petromax Photo Calendar 2018 you bring a little bit of the outdoor kitchen into your home!

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Press Information: Atago – The all-rounder by Petromax

The all-rounder by Petromax:

Use the Petromax Atago for cooking, grilling and fire

Magdeburg, October 2017.  Petromax presents a new smart piece of equipment for your open-air camp. The Petromax Atago is both a cooking and baking place as well as a mobile fire place. Thanks to the unique folding mechanism, it can easily be stored and the double-walled design keeps the Atago cool on the outside. The all-rounder combines chimney and wood boiler principle and is heated up in no time. The ventilation and temperature are continuously adjustable. The Petromax Atago has a special place in the Petromax product world: It can be combined with a number of equipment pieces, such as many of the Dutch Ovens and baking pans, all Petromax Pans or the Petromax Percolator Perkomax.

The Petromax Atago is in the centre

Thanks to its various application possibilities and the folding mechanism, the Petromax Atago is the centre of your open-air camp. Whether you want to grill steaks, to cook in a Dutch Oven or bake a cake, the Petromax provides many functions which make it a true all-rounder in the Petromax product world. And even after your meal outdoors, the Atago stays in the centre of attention, using it with the Petromax Percolator Perkomax to prepare coffee. Finally, the Petromax Atago is an elegant and safe bowl for your camp fire.

“For some time now, our customers have asked for an all-rounder that is space-saving and provides various application possibilities outdoors. This is why we have developed the Petromax Atago and we are confident that, after trying it once, people never want to be without it. The Atago features many outstanding details which make it unique.” says Jonas Taureck, the CEO of Petromax.

Set up well: Ready to use with just one hand

Holding and setting up the Petromax Atago, you will already feel its extremely robust and durable quality. The Petromax Atago is set up in no time and with just one hand, thanks to its unique folding mechanism. Retracting the Atago is just as fast. With a height of only 5.9 in when retracted, it takes up minimum storage space.

Effective heating up with the chimney effect

Charcoal, charcoal briquettes and wood can be used to start a fire. The continuously adjustable ventilation allows you to regulate the temperature as desired and, with the air supply fully open, the Petromax Atago is heated up in no time. Thanks to its highly elaborate design, the chimney effect is used optimally. The intelligent ventilation further promotes the wood boiler principle, whereby the Petromax Atago is heated up very efficiently and requires little fuel.

Unique double-walled design

The Petromax Atago is made of stainless steel with a double-walled design, which makes it not only appealing but also effectively isolates the burning chamber while keeping the outer wall cool, even after a longer use. The Petromax Atago radiates little heat at the bottom. With its three feet, it will be stable on any ground.

Three in one: The basic functions of the Petromax Atago

The Petromax Atago with its three basic functions is perfectly fitted for the Petromax product world.

Petromax Atago as a grill

The Petromax Atago can be used as a classical grill. Once the fire is started with charcoal or briquettes, it is quickly heated up thanks to the chimney effect. A matching grilling grate and charcoal grate are included in the scope of delivery.

Petromax Atago as an oven or stove

The Petromax Atago is an efficient and versatile cooking place. It is best used in combination with the cast-iron Dutch Ovens by Petromax up to size ft9, which fit into the inner cylinder of the Petromax Atago and are placed directly on the ember. The Dutch Ovens of size ft6 and ft9 are ideal as they are flush with the Atago which ensures an optimum heat yield with its good isolation. The Loaf Pans are used in the same way to bake bread or cake or to prepare casseroles. The Atago is also perfectly suited to be used with Ring Cake Pans or the Petromax Percolator to prepare coffee. On top of the round opening of the Petromax Atago, the pans quickly reach the perfect cooking temperature and, in combination with the Petromax Fire Bowls, the Atago becomes a Plancha grill.

Petromax Atago as a fire bowl

After having used the all-rounder to prepare the dinner, a camp fire for a cosy evening can be started directly in the Petromax Atago, which makes it a practical and safe fire bowl. The Atago can be used as fire bowl when being extracted as well as retracted.

Accessories for more possibilities

With the perfectly matched convection lid, the Petromax Atago will be a convection oven. The circulating heat provides for even and energy-saving baking and cooking outdoors. Thanks to the coated inside and the close-meshed aramid fibres, heat can hardly escape which ensures a constant cooking behaviour and even allows for baking pizza, also in the open air. Petromax also provides a matching bag for clean and convenient transport and storage of the Petromax Atago.

Details of Petromax Atago:

Material: stainless steel
Height (retracted): 5.9 in
Height (extracted): 11 in
Fuel: Charcoal, briquettes, wood
W x H x D: 15.7 x 5.5 x 15.7 in
W x H x D with packaging: 16.1 x 6.9 x 16.1 in
Weight: 6,100 g
Weight in package: 7,000 g
Scope of delivery:
1 x Petromax Atago
1 x User Manual (German/English/French)


About Petromax

Petromax is a leading manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living. Its coordinated product world combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details. Experiencing raw nature with traditional and yet well designed equipment is the focus of Petromax’ product world, which can be acquired through a well developed international network of specialised retailers with currently more than 3,000 shops as well as the online shop. Petromax’ management consists of Jonas Taureck and Dr. Pia Christin Taureck.

Responsible for content of this press release

Petromax GmbH
Sudenburger Wuhne 61
39116 Magdeburg/Germany
Managing directors: Dipl.-Kfm. Jonas Taureck, Dr. Pia Christin Taureck
Telephone: +49 (0) 391 – 400 26 05
Fax: +49 (0) 391 – 400 26 06
E-Mail: info@petromax.de
Entry in the German commercial register: Amtsgericht Stendal HRB 13954 (lower regional court)

Contact person

M. Helfert
Telephone: +49 (0) 391 – 400 26 05
E-Mail: presse@petromax.de

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Press information: Basic Information 2017

Basic Information on Petromax, long

Tradition. Passion. Petromax.

The brand for fire and light, BBQ and outdoor cooking, bushcraft and survival.

Petromax is a leading, German manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living and its coordinated product range combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of excellent quality, durability and feature elaborate details. Experiencing raw nature with traditional and yet well designed equipment is the focus of Petromax’ product world, which can be acquired through a well developed international network of specialised retailers with currently more than 3,000 shops as well as the online shop.


Well equipped outdoors

Petromax products are designed for all those that seek the compensation to their daily routine in nature and, thus, set up their camp outdoors. Petromax’ customers want to be well equipped and prefer durable and elaborate equipment of high quality for their open-air adventures. They enjoy traditional pieces whose simple and clear function has always been up-to-date. Using the traditionally appealing and yet well designed Petromax equipment makes their stay in nature a harmonious experience.


The Petromax product world: Tradition meets innovation

At Petromax, they continuously develop their product range and, as a hotbed of ideas, they always come up with new products to optimise the open-air camp. Their focus is set on outdoor cooking and BBQ, fire, bushcraft and survival. High-quality, cast-iron Dutch Ovens and baking pans in various designs, as well as grills, cooking places and many useful accessories are bestsellers. Consistently developing elaborate details, smart improvements and new products, Petromax does no things by halves. Everything developed by Petromax is made with the premise: It is good only if it is resistible, robust and durable.

Petromax’ product range is rooted in the legendary high-pressure lamp, Max Graetz invented more than 100 years ago and named it Petromax, based on his own nickname. In the beginning of 2007, Jonas Taureck acquired the trademark rights and resumed the production of the once innovative high-pressure lamp. The success of the Petromax lamp opened his eyes for the charm of outdoor equipment and, thus, an entire product world which Petromax now systematically enters. Within the last two years alone, Petromax has launched more than 30 new products.


From Magdeburg into the World

Petromax is a German company with its headquarters in Magdeburg, where they develop, promote, commission and ship their products and also run a manufactory. For distribution, Petromax rely on qualified and consultant specialised retailers which they have established an international network of. Petromax products are available at specialised retailers in more than 50 countries and can also be ordered directly in the online shop. Petromax’ management consists of Jonas Taureck and Dr. Pia Christin Taureck.

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The Plus for the Embers of your Outdoor Kitchen

The crucial question when having a BBQ: Which charcoal shall we use? With Cabix Plus, Petromax has developed special briquettes for Dutch Ovens and cast-iron moulds with lid.

The broad surface area of the square briquettes ensures even embers around the pot and on the lid. The ideal air supply thanks to the ridge profile provides for a consistent burning behaviour with a burning time of up to four hours. The combustion with only little ash residues facilitates cleaning the lid and BBQ after your cooking experience.

Naturally sustainable

Cabix Plus briquettes are made of natural resources from the coconut milk production which makes them eco-friendly, sustainable and CO2-neutral. They are dimensionally stable and can be reused after extinguishing and, being square and stackable, they take up little storage area.

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Take it up a notch with the Trammel Hook kh7

Use the Petromax Trammel Hook made of coated steel to simply suspend Dutch Oven, Tea Kettle and Co. for cooking over the campfire. Everybody knows the saying: “Take it up a notch!” as it originates from medieval cooking places: Then kettles and pots were suspended on a trammel hook over the fire. The lower the pot hung over the fire, the faster the food was done. Now, Petromax brings this proven method into the modern outdoor kitchen.

The cooking temperature under your control

The Trammel Hook with its seven notches provides for easy regulation of the distance between pot and fire and thus, always ensures the right temperature to effectively heat and cook your food and drinks. This way you always have the cooking temperature under control, also in your outdoor kitchen.

Solid mount for Dutch Ovens and Co.

The mount of the Trammel Hook – a combination of eye and crook – allows you to use it attached to a tripod or at a crossbar over your fireplace. Thanks to the lower guide, the Trammel Hook will never be completely released when adjusting its height. The Trammel Hook with its solid design and components offers you a stable and reliable outdoor cooking place for heavy pots and kettles.

The Petromax Trammel Hook kh7 is now available in our online shop.

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News for the (Outdoor) Bakery: The Petromax Muffin Mould

The outdoor kitchen is much more than cooking and grilling in the open air because thanks to Petromax the bakery is also moved into the great outdoors. After the Loaf Pans and the Ring Cake Pan made of cast iron, now comes the Petromax Muffin Mould made of cast iron.

The muffin mould has room for six delicious muffins, no matter whether sweet or savory. With its practical handle with notch, it can simply be hanged over the fire. You can also place it on glowing briquettes or in embers or in your Dutch Oven ft6 or ft9. Close the lid, add briquettes on the lid and under the pot and your outdoor oven is ready to use. Of course, you can also perfectly use the Muffin Mould in the home stove.

But attention

Please note that you use the Muffin Mould in the Dutch Oven ft9 with a Cast-Iron Trivet or a the Petromax ftus which you should place under the muffin mould. This is necessary to create a little space between the cast-iron edges of the mould and the wall of the pot so that the cast iron cannot be damaged.

Why cast iron?

Many products by Petromax, are, just like the Muffin Mould, made cast iron. The positive characteristics of cast iron make outdoor cooking very effective and ensure incomparably delicious food. Whether it is pork, roast, bread or cakes – cast iron ensures even heat distribution and storage. Thus, the energy gained from the fire can be excellently used outdoors. In addition, all Petromax cast iron products are pre-treated (seasoned finish). Therefore, you do not have to burn them in anymore and can get started on baking muffins right away.

With the muffin mould you bring variety into your outdoor kitchen. Make sure that you get you own at the retailer you trust or in our online shop.

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Petromax Enamel Tableware – Lightweights for your Adventure

The Petromax Enamel Bowls and Plates are your ideal companions – whether outdoors exploring nature or in your kitchen at home: The light-weight tableware easily fits into your backpack and, with its simple retro design, it is also an eye catcher on your table at home. Being highly temperature-resistant, you can use it for any hot or cold dish. The bowls and plates are ideally suited for tasty meals directly from the Dutch Oven or to serve snacks and dips for you and your guests.

The material – robust and durable

Enamel – the durable compound of glass and steel makes the tableware extremely resistant and robust. The fired surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, without great effort. The bowls and plates will not corrode and are locked by a stainless steel rim so that they will be on your side for an outdoor lifetime.

Convenience with style

The colour of the Enamel is light-fast and will not fade, even after many adventures and experiences. With a set of two in a package, it is easy to share the tableware with friends! Whether in black or white: The Petromax Enamel Bowls and Plates are handy, light-weight and stylish companions for your adventures.

Visit our online shop for the matching Enamel Mugs!

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Boiling Water in Great Style with the Teakettle tk3

Here comes the giant among Petromax Teakettles: After the kettles tk1 and tk2, the Teakettle tk3 with its maximum capacity of up to 5 liters completes the Petromax kettle series. You can now cook lots of water at once for many thirsty guests with this large kettle during camping trips, BBQ parties and Co. Whether over the fire, on hot embers or on the home stove – it has been never easier to prepare up to 5 liters of water for all kinds of hot drinks.

The teakettle of high-quality stainless steel completes the two kettle models of the Petromax series tk1 (1.5 liters) and tk2 (3 liters) due to its large volume of 5 liters. Thanks to the threefold bent handle, you simply hang the kettle over the campfire or place it on hot embers and the water is instantaneously and evenly heated. Of course, you can use the versatile kettle also on all types of stove in your home kitchen – whether induction, electric or gas, the kettle boils your water reliably.

You would like your own teakettle? Just have a look into our online shop.

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Fire Anchor – The Multifunctional Cooking Area for Campfire and Co.

It is now the outdoor season, and for you outdoor cuisine is part of it? Then the Petromax Fire Anchor is what you need now to complete your campfire site in the open air. Whether campfire, Atago or Griddle and Fire Bowl – the Fire Anchor will turn them all into a multifunctional cooking area in a flash. You must simply sink the Fire Anchor into the ground directly next to your fire, and then you can hang pots, kettles and other cookware and start cooking already. The barbecue lovers among you have not been forgotten. A grilling grate offers a lot of room for vegetable skewers, sausages, etc.

The arms make it versatile

The Fire Anchor is delivered to you with a central pole for you to fix into the ground and three flexible arms. The grilling grate with a raised edge is to be attached on one arm; each of the other two arms has three notches for hanging your cooking utensils. Position the arms on the anchor as needed: You can decide on the height and direction. Your outdoor kitchen is now installed and you can get started: You can prepare the Dutch oven and hang it over the fire, after quickly making some delicious tea or coffee in the percolator on the grilling grate to brighten up the wait for your dinner out of the Dutch Oven.

Provides opportunities

Where you would have otherwise only a campfire site, you will now create additional outdoor cuisine experience with the Fire Anchor. Quick to install, it casually and reliably provides for delicious opportunities at the campfire.

Don’t miss this Petromax innovation and be one of the first to call it your own.

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