The Petromax outdoor baking book “Draußen Backen” by Carsten Bothe is the winner of the German qualification for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. The baking book for campfire fans, which was published in 2018 by HEEL, won over the international judges in the category Barbecue. This paves the way to participate in the global competition. The price-giving for the international award of the so-called “Oscar” in the cooking world will take place in Macau in July 2019.

Old knowledge re-discovered

Who knows how cowboys and settlers on their way to the West prepared their dishes at the campfire? Who collected the recipes that were prepared best in cast-iron pans over the ember? Without an author like Carsten Bothe, this centuries-old knowledge would be lost. In the new Petromax outdoor baking book, Bothe has collected all recipes and tips for baking outside that he found during his experiences and research over the years. The result is a book not only with baking recipes, but also an entertaining collection of instructions and stories about baking outside.


Carsten Bothe
Draußen Backen – The Petromax outdoor baking book
approx. 144 pages, 203 x 254 mm, numerous colour images, soft cover

ISBN: 978-3-95843-626-8 | VSB No.: 667626 | € (D) 19,99 | € (A) 20,60


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