It crackles and crunches while the meal cooks in the flames. Campfre cooking is always an adventure. With the sturdy Petromax cast-iron utensils it also imprints into memory in a culinary manner. Whether on the way in nature, in a barbecue area or at home in the garden – the outdoor kitchen at the open fre can do much more than sausages and stick bread. Everything one can prepare on the home stove or in the oven also works outdoors. The high-quality Petromax Dutch Ovens, Stack Grates, Baking Pans and Special Forms in different versions are versatile companions for original pleasure out in the open.

Petromax Dutch Oven – heavy, black and sturdy

The Dutch Ovens are the classics among casting moulds. The round pots offer manifold possibilities for cooking, baking and braising. Inside meat, fish and vegetables simmer gently in their own juice. The rough surface absorbs fats and flavours and releases them again during roasting and cooking. Due to the characteristic patina which develops on the cast iron over time, crusted roast, Irish stew or onion cake taste especially good from the Dutch Oven. This layer of grease is a natural flavour carrier and protects the surface by preventing food from burning. With every use the taste of the food improves. Stews, burgers and the mushroom dish thus taste even better every time. It does not require lot of equipment and space for an outdoor menu. The cast-iron lids of the Dutch Ovens can also be used as pans or serving plate. The Dutch Ovens are available in 14 different version – from small to large, with or without feet. They are designed for being stacked safely without wobbling. Consequently, several dishes can be prepared over the fire at the same time.

Stack Grates – fire-proof support

Inside the pot, in the fire or as a trivet – the cast-iron Stack Grate in two sizes offers a great outdoor cooking experience due to its numerous applications. Its diversity is its strength. For steam cooking in the Dutch Oven you either insert one grate or stack several grates. Thanks to the small cavities on the surface they stand stable and thus enable baking, stewing or steaming on several levels. With the Stack Grate one can grill directly in the embers, smoke big chunks of meat or use it as cooker or trivet. When grilling in the embers it brands the perfect grilling pattern into the meat or offers a level stand for tea kettle or percolator. The Stack Grate also works as a heat-resistant trivet for the hot Dutch Oven.

Special Forms – hot irons for the campfire kitchen

Juicy burger patties, crunchy cheese sandwiches or perfectly baked waffles directly from the fire are not challenging with the Petromax Special Forms. The Burger, Sandwich and Waffle Irons made from the sturdy material spread the heat of the flames evenly while saving the heat constantly. Wooden handles make sure that outdoor chefs do not burn their fingers. They rest comfortably in hand and the long rod ensures for safe distance to the fireplace. Also, the Petromax Loaf Pans enable exceptional taste sensations. Fresh bread, juicy cake or savoury casseroles succeed in no time. When placed in embers or framed with briquettes, the heat flows from outside to the centre of the cast-iron form and thus provide for an even baking result. If not in the mood for sweet baked goods, the ridged inside of the large lid can also be used as a steak pan. The diverse fields of application and numerous variable combinations render the cast-iron Petromax products as true all-rounders – no matter whether in the fire or on the stove at home.

Good reasons for Cast-Iron

The great thermal conductivity of Petromax cast iron ensure a new quality and consistent results for outdoor cooking and outdoor baking. The fine-pored surface of Petromax cast iron is already visible to the naked eye. It prevents moisture ingress and development of rust. Due to the even cast with hardly any inclusions heat is conducted and stored particularly well. Furthermore, because of this quality larger air inclusions in the material are minimised, which could lead to tension cracks when expanding under heat. As a result, the cast-iron Petromax products are very sturdy and highly durable. Also, the recycling rate of the cast-iron products due to conditions of production fulfils the highest quality standards: Petromax only recycles its own iron. As the surface is pre-seasoned, all cast-iron Petromax products are ready for immediate use at the campfire or at home.

Care and Storage

The stew tastes especially good from the Dutch Oven that Grandpa already used in the fire. Cast iron is sturdy so that with the right care Dutch Oven, Stack Grates and Special Forms will last for a lifetime. One only needs to keep in mind some basic rules in order to hand down the Dutch Oven along many generations.
After cooking cast iron must cool down completely. If it is still hot and rinsed with ice cold water, the material might crack or be damaged otherwise due to the resulting tensions. Therefore, cast iron has to be cleaned with warm water and a customary sponge or brush – cleaning agent is not needed. As a matter of fact, it is quite the contrary: detergent or soap would destroy the valuable patina. The same applies to metal sponges. Clinging dirt or baked-on residues can best be removed with the Petromax Chain Mail Cleaner for Cast and Wrought Iron. Cast iron products must always be dried thoroughly and may never be stowed in wet condition. A thin layer of Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron protects the material when stored at a dry place.

Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron

About Petromax

Petromax is a leading manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living. Its coordinated product world combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details. Experiencing raw nature with traditional and yet well designed equipment is the focus of Petromax’ product world, which can be acquired through a well developed international network of specialised retailers with currently more than 3,000 shops as well as the online shop. Petromax’ management consists of Jonas Taureck and Dr. Pia Christin Taureck.

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