The year is coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. Instead of “Jingle Bells” you rather listen to “Hells Bells” under the Christmas tree and in contrast to all others you are really happy about a sack of coal? In that case Petromax has the right ideas for you on how you can simply relocate Christmas into the outdoors this year. Spend special moments by the campfire together with your family and friends. Here you can learn more about Christmas presents for real chaps who in advent rather light the grill than the candles.

Five special Christmas presents for real men

Leather protection instead of knitted jumper – The Buff Leather Apron

This is how you get around your mother-in-law’s knitted socks: Just suggest an apron as a present! With the Buff Leather Apron, you are perfectly equipped in your outdoor kitchen and optimally protected against flying sparks or splashes of grease. The gently tanned and natural leather is soft and adjusts itself during wear. Plus, it looks truly strong. The apron for fire chefs is available in two versions, either with neck strap or with crossed back strap.

Long breath for the festivities – The Fire Blow Pipe

Four weeks of advent, Christmas and the turn of the year lie ahead of you. In order to keep your breath on this rather long road, the Fire Blow Pipe can help you. The classic bouffadou demonstrates its undeniable benefits with its telescopic function: The appropriate distance to your fireplace and no smoke inhalation. As a result, the specially rounded stainless-steel nozzle optimally exploits each of your exhalations. Heat up your cooking place with a hissing blast of air and celebrate a fiery advent on every evening.

Strong format for every holiday program – The Cool Box

Is there anything better than gifting joyful anticipation? Prepare yourself now for your adventure in complete autonomy with the ultra-passive cooling system by Petromax. The Cool Boxes kx25 and kx50 guarantee fresh, cool food for your excursions in the coming year, no matter whether houseboat trip, fishing weekend or a tour into the forest with your friends. Thanks to its clever design the Cool Box keeps ice cold for up to 12 days and thus gifts you lots of freedom! The Cool Box is available as 25 l or 50 l version and has many more functions in store.

Ridge pattern as advent decoration – Grill Fire Skillets

The Grill Fire Skillets not only smacks a crispy crust onto your meat and vegetables but also a special pattern: The ridge profile on the pan’s surface ensures that the leaking fluids remain separate from your food. This way, you get the full flavour and obtain a juicy grilling result – indoors as well as outdoors. Great plus for Christmas time: The ridges transfer a tasteful decor onto your rolled pork roast or Christmas carp. The Grill Fire Skillet is equipped either with two lateral handles or one long pan handle and is each available in two sizes.

Glowing passion – Cabix Plus Briquettes

Were you possibly naughty this year? Then you can hopefully look forward to a stock of Cabix Plus Briquettes . The charcoal especially developed for Dutch Oven & co.  offers a broad surface area and thanks to its ridge structure provides for optimum air circulation. Thus, you as outdoor chef benefit from the emerging stable top and bottom heat. Produced sustainably from natural resources, Cabix Plus Briquettes are environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral. They especially convince with their burning duration of up to four hours as well as their reusability after extinguishing. Just quickly add them to your wish list.

Energiesparende Briketts von Petromax

The whole dragon team wishes you lots of fun giving gifts and fiery holidays!