Wind lashes hard on your face, the rain soaked your equipment and the march truly exhausted you. Now only a warming fire helps: Here you can prepare your meal on. The Petromax Fire Plunger, pure fire power in pocket format, does not let you down: independent and without electricity you bring the tinder to a glow and thus light a fire with one strike of your hand. You can now lean back and take in the pure nature experience.

Reliable fire power in any situation

The Petromax Fire Plunger assists you when making fire on your own – completely regardless of weather conditions and for any kind of outdoor adventure. With the Fire Plunger you profit from a century-old principle: The tinder placed on the plunger tip is brought to a glow by sudden forceful air compression into the plunger body. With this effective method air is compressed so strongly that temperatures of up to 400 °C are reached by means of muscle strength only. The glowing tinder reliably lights a prepared ball of tinder or fireplace.

Little helper with powerful feature

The look gets you in adventurous mood: The Petromax Fire Plunger with a black anodised surface and the Petromax dragon logo promises fiery trips into the wilderness. Tinder and lubricant are kept in screw-locking containers at the respective ends and are thus always available. Another fire lighting option is the additional firesteel placed inside the plunger. The Petromax Fire Plunger is stowed in its practical transport bag. It is thus optimally prepared for many ignitions and reliably provides you with the ignition spark when you need it.

Step-by-step instructions