Magdeburg, 30 June 2019. Petromax presents an extremely efficient passive cooling system. The Cool Boxes kx25 and kx50 work completely without electricity and generator and thus enable independence amongst adventurers outdoors. The Petromax novelty keeps fresh provisions such as drinks and food for BBQ or fresh fish and bait for days at a time. Due to the double walled construction and a PU insulation ice remains cool for up to 12 days. Therefore, the Cool Box is the ideal companion for all who are on the way across country and do not want to do without fresh food and cold drinks. Hunters, anglers and hobby adventurers have come to appreciate the stable construction and the spacious interior. With the new product range all to do with cooling Petromax broadens its portfolio for light and fire, grilling and outdoor cooking. The passive Cool Box in two sizes complements the Petromax product world for even more independence during original experiences in nature.

Independent without electricity

As soon as the sun comes out and it gets warmer, we are drawn to the outdoors. The passive cooling system by Petromax ensures that the supply of cold drinks does not run out and that fresh provisions do not spoil. The Cool Boxes kx25 and kx50 keep their content cool for days at a time without having to rely on electricity. The passive cooling system works with crushed ice, standard cold packs or dry ice. Thus, temperature remains reliably stable in the well-insulated Petromax Cool Box. Large ice cubes ensure for an extra-long cooling time. The optimum cooling performance of the Cool Box is achieved when it is cooled down one day before the outdoor adventure. Thus, the Petromax Cool Box is the ideal companion for camping or for longer trips into nature – whether sailing trip, fishing trip or weekend in the woods.

Clever designed, efficiently cooled

After an adventurous day nothing can be more refreshing than a mouthful of ice-cold water. For the drinks to stay cool for a long period time Petromax developed a double walled construction with void insulation, made from optimally chosen, durable materials. Furthermore, by means of this construction the Cool Box is made from durable polyethylene and extremely sturdy. Outdoors on the way the skid-proof lid surface can serve as a seat or a raised stand. This is especially interesting for fly fishing or for a vast panorama view across the countryside. Not only does the white colour look great but it is also practical. The Cool Box is visible in the dark and will thus not become a trip hazard when fishing at night.

Petromax Kuehlbox kx25 kx50 Cool Box Galcière passive

The Petromax Cool Box is available in two practical sizes. The 25 litres version kx25 holds up to twelve 1-litre bottles which can be transported upright in the spacious interior. The larger version kx50 has a capacity of 50 litres.

Petromax kx25 kx50 Kuehlbox Cool Box Glacière passive
Petromax kx25 kx50 Kuehlbox Cool Box Glacière passive

Safely on the way

Whether on the car’s loading surface, during break or on board a boat, the non-slip rubber feet provide secure support on any surface. In addition, the space towards the ground ensures air circulation under the box as well as temperature stability. Robust belt guides enable secure transport of the upright box. Ergonomic handles on both sides plus the clever belt guides serve as extra lashing points. Practical: Also, when tied down the Cool Box can be opened easily. Due to the flexible and at the same time resilient rubber locks the lid can be opened and shut again easily, for instance when fishing on water to gather live bait or to keep cool the fresh fish. Those who want to be on the safe side can lock up the Cool Box with an additional U-lock. Thus, the content is safe from unauthorised access or wildlife. After the adventure is before the adventure. The integrated drain system enables easy cleaning as well as drain of melting water from the box. Therefore, the Petromax Passive Cool Box is clean and ready for the next trip into nature.

Petromax kx25 kx50 Kuehlbox Cool Box Glacière passive

Data Petromax Cool Box

kx25 kx50
Material PE PE
Outer dimensions (H x W x D)  22.8 x 17.7 x 16 in 27 x 19.7 x 19.1 in
Opening inside (W x D) 14.4 x 10.2 in 18.6 x 13.5 in
Bottom inside (W x D) 13.7 x 9.4 in 17.7 x 12.4 in
Height inside 11.5 in 13.7 in
Insulated layer (min.) 1.8 in 1.8 in
Weight 23.7 lbs 32.8 lbs
Filling capacity (max.) 25 l
That corresponds to:

12 x 1 litre bottles
at approx. 6.6 lbs- 8.8 lbs ice
24 x 0.33 litre cans
at 13.2 lbs ice
50 l
That corresponds to:

20 x 1-litre bottles at approx. 22 lbs ice
70 x 0.33 litre cans
at 9-11 lbs ice
Price 199.99 €uro 279.99 €uro

(Available October 2019)

About Petromax

Petromax is a leading manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living. Its coordinated product world combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details. Experiencing raw nature with traditional and yet well designed equipment is the focus of Petromax’ product world, which can be acquired through a well developed international network of specialised retailers with currently more than 3,000 shops as well as the online shop. Petromax’ management consists of Jonas Taureck and Dr. Pia Christin Taureck.

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