Naturally Equipped with the Dragon – Strong Loden Clothing by Petromax

Sparks fly and the wood fire crackles, whilst the wind whips against your body. Clouds cover the sky and you skilfully shield your fireplace at the edge of the forest, tighten the rope of your tarp and make the final preparations for the night. You know: Your robust and functional equipment for outdoors will now protect and serve you well. And as you can rely on your cooking tools [...]

  • Petromax Schmiedeeiserne Pfanne sp20 auf der Feuerbox fb1 Wrought-Iron Pan fp20 on Fire Box fb1
  • Grill- und Feuerschale fs38 mit Verlaengerungen Griddle and Fire Bowl fs38 with extensions

Seasoning of Wrought-Iron Pans and Griddle and Fire Bowls

How to season your pans and bowls the right way Finally, it is yours – your new wrought-iron pan! Surely, you would like to use it right away for frying your steak over the fire. However, before you start, there are still some important instructions you need to consider. Your pan needs its patina and for that purpose must be correctly seasoned at first – just like the [...]

  • Kochen in der schmiedeeisernen Pfanne auf der Feuerkanne_cooking with the Wrought Iron Pan ontop of the Fire Kettle

Survival – Bushcraft – Prepping: Differences and Similarites

Autonomous provision and open-fire cooking, the feeling of independence outside big cities and the knowledge about methods for self-preservation: all these are common features of Survival, Bushcraft & Prepping. Often these terms are, therefore, used synonymously. However, there are differences in the basic approaches in these forms of the outdoor adventures. Here you can find out what is meant by the individual directions, what kind of motivation lies behind [...]

  • Petromax Feuer Kolben Dichtung montieren_fire plunger mounting the sealing
  • Petromax_plgx_Feuer Kolben_komplett_Fire Plunger complete
  • Petromax_Feuer Kolben_Fire Plunger
  • Petromax_Feuer Kolben_Behaelter_Fire Plunger_Container
  • Petromax_Feuer Kolben_mit Feuerstein_Fire Plunger with rod flint

Dragon fire on Hand – The Petromax Fire Plunger

Wind lashes hard on your face, the rain soaked your equipment and the march truly exhausted you. Now only a warming fire helps: Here you can prepare your meal on. The Petromax Fire Plunger, pure fire power in pocket format, does not let you down: independent and without electricity you bring the tinder to a glow and thus light a fire with one strike of your hand. You can [...]