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Cool combination – Which Cool Box fits for me

For all those who would like to profit from an effective cooling system, but do not want to rely on permanent power supply: The ultra-passive cooling system will meet your requirements and can be modified and adapted according to your needs. Make the Petromax Cool Box your Cool Box! What Cool Box type am I? The hunter & gatherer Conspicuously inconspicuous. Nature [...]

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  • Gastisch ge90-s_Gas Table ge90-s

Unleash Dragon Fire on the Touch of a Button – The Petromax Gas Table

Outdoor cooking is in your blood, but open fire is prohibited on your favourite campsite? The Petromax Gas Table provides remedy and you give signal to start: Some pressure, a turn, a low clicking – and immediately a fierce hissing sounds and mixes into the background. Ignition of your gas cooker is done! The scorching hot burners form a true ring of fire and the cooking power of 5 [...]

Outdoor Kitchen Under Control with the Petromax Aramid Series

Charcoal glows, the fire burns and your iron is already at operating temperature. For optimum handling of Dutch Oven and co. you now have the perfect equipment: The in-house Petromax Aramid Series. The Aramid Potholders, the universal Handle Cover for cast-iron pan handles as well as the proven Aramid Pro 300 Gloves in characteristic solar orange are a small addition with great impact. Here you can find the brand-new [...]