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Hung well – The Petromax Grid Tray

Briquettes are already glowing on your Dutch Oven Table and are only waiting to properly heat up your cast-iron pots and pans. As an experienced fire chef, you want to prepare several courses: First a savoury stew, then a juicy steak grilled to perfection and finally maybe a crumble? From now on you only have the fire to challenge you as the Petromax Grid Tray provides for reliable support [...]

Fiery Feasts with Petromax: Christmas Presents for Real Men

The year is coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. Instead of "Jingle Bells" you rather listen to "Hells Bells" under the Christmas tree and in contrast to all others you are really happy about a sack of coal? In that case Petromax has the right ideas for you on how you can simply relocate Christmas into the outdoors this year. Spend special moments by [...]

How Does a Cool Box Work?

Icy cold in Petromax format As proven outdoor chef always looking for an adventure nobody can fool you: You can light a fire in your sleep, you skilfully heat up the Dutch Oven to the right temperature and single-handedly prepare the food. Still, no matter if menu from the grill, steak at base camp or freshly caught fish at mooring: You always need to face the challenge of [...]

Unlimited adventure – The Petromax 2020 photo calendar

True passion for fire, light and outdoor cooking connects dragon fans. That's why Petromax does not know any borders, but only adventures and experiences all over the world! What fits more than the motto of the 2020 photo calendar "Outdoor cuisine with dragon power – fiery adventures with Petromax worldwide." 12 impressive monthly pictures show the hottest campfire experiences, cooking in the open air and intense light moments. [...]