For Dragons in Sheep’s Clothing – The Petromax Deubelskerl Loden Waistcoat

You are unique! Your tasks and hobbies are diverse and your demands regarding equipment are high. Especially your clothes are often highly strained because you love to be active in fresh air. Expeditions with overnight stays outdoors, sitting at the raised hide, fishing at the river, cooking over the fire or kajak tours: You are made of diversity and passion and you expect the same from your clothing. Petromax [...]

A Hat Full of Adventures – The Petromax Wool Hat

Frosty wind blows round your face as you climb the hill. Still, one last day's stage lies ahead of you, one last strenuous march yet seperating you from your night's lodging. The backpack with the luggage is stripped tightly to your back, you close the collar of your Deubelskerl up to the top and slip your protective Wool Hat over your head and covering both ears. Thus prepared, you [...]

Strengthens You Permanently: Natural Active Wear Made of Petromax Kilpax Cotton

The sweat on your forehead proofs it: This last climb is a tough one. The narrow pass not only leads you and your Deubelskerl over hill and dale and past steep slopes. With every step and gain in elevation anticipation rises, but also adrenaline. Not far now – only a little more concentration, because the peak is in sight. One last leap takes you over the crevice onto the [...]

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Spurs your meat – The Hanging Fire Bowl by Petromax

A strenuous ride lies behind you and the last hike drained you of strength. The sun is already low on the horizon when you stack the firewood and set up the Cooking Tripod. Now everything must be quick as the stomach is already rumbling loudly. Hence, you highly enjoy the sight of the crackling fire whipping against the bottom of the steel bowl. The rib-eye steaks already sizzle in [...]