• Petromax Schmiedeeiserne Pfanne sp20 auf der Feuerbox fb1 Wrought-Iron Pan fp20 on Fire Box fb1
  • Grill- und Feuerschale fs38 mit Verlaengerungen Griddle and Fire Bowl fs38 with extensions

Seasoning of Wrought-Iron Pans and Griddle and Fire Bowls

How to season your pans and bowls the right way Finally, it is yours – your new wrought-iron pan! Surely, you would like to use it right away for frying your steak over the fire. However, before you start, there are still some important instructions you need to consider. Your pan needs its patina and for that purpose must be correctly seasoned at first – just like the [...]

  • Kochen in der schmiedeeisernen Pfanne auf der Feuerkanne_cooking with the Wrought Iron Pan ontop of the Fire Kettle

Survival – Bushcraft – Prepping: Differences and Similarites

Autonomous provision and open-fire cooking, the feeling of independence outside big cities and the knowledge about methods for self-preservation: all these are common features of Survival, Bushcraft & Prepping. Often these terms are, therefore, used synonymously. However, there are differences in the basic approaches in these forms of the outdoor adventures. Here you can find out what is meant by the individual directions, what kind of motivation lies behind [...]

Dave Canterbury “Bushcraft – Everything depends on the equipment”

In dialog with Bushcraft and Survival expert Dave Canterbury Powerful, pithy appearance, tattooed and a constantly keen eye: A picture of Dave Canterbury (born 1963) could easily be printed in the encyclopaedia next to the entry "Survival”. Born in the USA, he served in the US Army from 1981 to 1988. Dave Canterbury was already known as an adventurer and expert in survival techniques before beginning his [...]

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  • Braten in der schmiedeeisernen Pfanne auf der Feuerkanne

Ideal traveling companion – the new Wrought-Iron Pan sp20

Spending time alone at a clearing in the woods with the night camp behind your back and the sunset on the horizon. The wood crackles in the flames of the Fire Kettle with the wrought-iron pan sp20 on it, while you are roasting a juicy and scrumptious steak… Just you – alone at a campfire in the woods: It couldn’t be more primal. With the small wrought-iron pan sp20 [...]