Dave Canterbury “Bushcraft – Everything depends on the equipment”

In dialog with Bushcraft and Survival expert Dave Canterbury Powerful, pithy appearance, tattooed and a constantly keen eye: A picture of Dave Canterbury (born 1963) could easily be printed in the encyclopaedia next to the entry "Survival”. Born in the USA, he served in the US Army from 1981 to 1988. Dave Canterbury was already known as an adventurer and expert in survival techniques before beginning his [...]

  • Kleine schmiedeeiserne Pfanne sp20 im Detail
  • alle Modelle schmiedeeiserne Pfanne nebeneinander
  • Alle Modelle schmiedeeiserne Pfanne gestapelt
  • Braten in der schmiedeeisernen Pfanne auf der Feuerkanne

Ideal traveling companion – the new Wrought-Iron Pan sp20

Spending time alone at a clearing in the woods with the night camp behind your back and the sunset on the horizon. The wood crackles in the flames of the Fire Kettle with the wrought-iron pan sp20 on it, while you are roasting a juicy and scrumptious steak… Just you – alone at a campfire in the woods: It couldn’t be more primal. With the small wrought-iron pan sp20 [...]

  • Petromax T-Shirt mit Drachenlogo_Petromax T-Shirt with dragon logo_Petromax T-Shirt avec logo aux dragons

Dragon armour instead of chain mail – The Petromax Fan T-Shirt (limited edition)

The calls were heard: Here is the material, men’s dreams are made of! The original Petromax T-Shirt comes directly from the ideas laboratory of the dragon headquarter and is waiting for its outdoor use. This textile armour unleashes your inner beast and turns your body into a BBQ tool. Available for a limited period and exclusively at Petromax! The dragon on your chest – The fire in your heart [...]

  • Burgereisen_Burger Iron_Appareil à burger

Burger Iron

Burgers, as no other food, belong to every BBQ party with friends in the outdoor kitchen. With the Petromax Burger Iron, you can now roast juicy burgers directly in the fire or in embers.   Perfect burgers from the fire   The burger iron holds two patties with a diameter of 4.7 inch and, thanks to its ridged structure, your burgers will have the typical striped grilling pattern. The [...]