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Grilling & Outdoor Cooking

Cooking and grilling on an open fire as people have done it for thousands of years already – the original way of cooking! Whether on a campfire, embers or charcoal: With our high-quality products for outdoor cooking, preparing food in the open air will turn out to be a culinary experience. From grills and cooking areas to Dutch ovens and fire skillets, along with diverse accessories, we offer everything that is needed for cooking outdoors. The great thing is: We have designed our equipment for your outdoor kitchen so that you can combine many products perfectly and thus have more cooking options.

Bushcraft & Survival

For bushcrafters, wild campers, born survivors and people who feel most at home in the middle of nature: Many of our practical and space-saving products fit well in the trekking backpack. Whether you are travelling around the country by foot or crossing rivers and lakes on your boat – basic human needs of warmth and food must be fulfilled in the wilderness as well. With the right equipment, no one must do without a pleasant campfire at night, hot beverages or snacks for recharging your batteries. You can now fully experience nature!


Crackling wood, sparks dancing in the dark and bright flames: Fire, the element that has cast a spell over mankind for thousands of years already. With our sturdy and versatile fireplaces and cooking areas, you can use fire for preparing culinary delights, all the while having the fire perfectly under control. A pleasant campfire in a portable fireplace is just as important for a successful evening as the people with whom you spend it. Moreover, for the gathering around the campfire to be a success every time, we also have many practical accessories for helping you to light and start the fire.


Everything started with a light, for the Petromax lamp is the oldest and most well-known pressure lamp in the world. The long-established lamps have a big fan base thanks to their bright light and impressive appearance. To this day we assemble them carefully by hand. That is why you can get from Petromax a wide range of accessories and almost all spare parts beside the lamps in different models. Moreover, the operating principle of the lamp has remained the same since its invention in the early 20th century and thus stands for tradition and quality.