Magdeburg, September 2019. Petromax, one of the leading German manufacturers of well-designed equipment for outdoor cooking and living, presents versatile clothing made of Loden as of autumn 2019. The active wear from the new product range will be the perfect attire for everyone, who likes to be outdoors – whether on a micro adventure, a bushcraft tour, or when hiking or trekking. Loden is regarded as the worlwide oldest outdoor fabric. Even in unstable weather, the resistant fabric keeps warm and dry. With “Waldmack”, “Deubelskerl” and “Bergmaid”, Petromax presents three models of modern outdoor clothing made of the traditional fabric and, thereby, faithfully follows its motto to combine tradition and innovation in durable products.

Perfectly dressed for the outdoor adventure

The sun shines from a blue sky but, suddenly, wind rises, and a short rain shower comes down. For centuries, people counter such weather with clothing made of milled wool. Loden is extremely versatile and, unlike any other material, naturally protects from cold, wind and rain throughout the entire year – rain showers do not harm this fabric. Even in strong gusts, the clothing made of the windproof, natural fabric keeps comfortably warm. Loden is breathable and climate regulating and, thus, ideally suited for sweaty activities. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter: For athletic and adventurous tours through nature, a T-shirt will do underneath the jacket in warmer months. During the winter, Loden isolates the body well against cold. Hunters appreciate the durable fabric not only for its weatherproof but also mainly for its soundless properties. Dressed in Loden, they silently stalk through the wood or field, without startling the game.

Damen Lodenjacke grau

Together at the campfire

The durable fabric is especially resistant to flying sparks. In contrast to synthetic materials, the natural fabric is significantly harder to ignite, which makes it an ideal addition to the Petromax product world. Whether at the crackling campfire, when handling glowing charcoals at the Dutch Oven or while blowing a ball of tinder: With the garments made of the robust natural material, adventurers are perfectly prepared for flying sparks. As sheep’s wool is naturally odour inhibiting, the campfire romance will linger the next day but not, however, the smoke odour.

Modern cut, natural colours – The models

Waldmack – The anorak for adventurers

The Petromax “Waldmack” is a true all-rounder. The warm Loden anorak accompanies nature lovers, bushcrafters or winter athletes throughout the entire year. With its wide, long cut it is the perfect outer layer for the proven multi-layer principle. A drawcord allows for individual adjustment of the high collar and hood of the practical anorak. Two lateral zips provide much elbow room and allow to easily slip the coat on and off or to reach into the trouser pocket. Thus, Fire Plunger, bushcraft knife and co. are always at hand. The large kangaroo pocket with integrated, sealed inner pocket and attached loop with D-ring will easily hold small equipment of bushcrafters, huntsmen or outdoor adventurers.

Lodenanorak - Loden Schlupfjacke Herren
Lodenjacke Herren schwarz

Deubelskerl and Bergmaid – Athletic trips through nature

The athletic models “Deubelskerl” for men and “Bergmaid” for women accompany every adventurer when hiking, climbing or on forays through the terrain. The light-weight coats are unlined, extremely breathable and robust. The high collar and three times adjustable hood protect from wind and rain. This way, the the passion for adventure remains high, even if the weather says otherwise. The two side pockets and chest pockets each will quickly and safely hold snap hook, pocketknife and other equipment, to always have close at reach for to man or woman.

Lodenjacke für Damen

For the next season, Petromax will expand the clothing product range by further models in new colours and cuts, made of Loden and other natural materials.

Easy to care and practical in use

Every adventure leaves a mark, especially on the equipment. The new Petromax active wear made of Loden is easy to care. The Loden jacketsimply needs to be aired to have it smell fresh again. Rough dirt from the terrain can be brushed out after drying. Thus, adventurers should include a soft clothes brush into their equipment. Regular ironing maintains the water-resistant properties of the Loden, pressing the milled wool fibres together again. For Loden, as for any wool fabric, applies: If a wash is required, the garment should be washed gently by hand, using a special detergent, or dry-cleaned.

Having a shared adventure outdoors

For wind or weather not to be a killjoy, suitable clothing plays a special role. For the new Loden range Petromax uses the proven cuts and first-class fit of the former Roughstuff models. The Loden products are integrated into the Petromax product world. As of now Roughstuff founder Tobias Stork will manage product development and quality assurance of the new Petromax clothing range: “I made the first Roughstuff jacket myself, using my grandmother’s sewing machine, as I was unable find a loden jacket in a modern design. Now, under Petromax’ roof, I can dedicate myself to the creative task of developing new innovative products made of the world’s oldest outdoor fabric. The Loden adventure continues.”

About Petromax

Petromax is a leading manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living. Its coordinated product world combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details. Experiencing raw nature with traditional and yet well designed equipment is the focus of Petromax’ product world, which can be acquired through a well developed international network of specialised retailers with currently more than 3,000 shops as well as the online shop. Petromax’ management consists of Jonas Taureck and Dr. Pia Christin Taureck.

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