Project Description

Fire Stand

With this practical device made of stainless steel, waiting for the briquettes to be burning completely now belongs to the past. With it, the heat from the briquettes burning in the chimney starter can be used from the very start for the outdoor cuisine.

Ready for use in no time

The fire stand can be assembled easily in no time and can be put on the chimney starter. While charcoal and briquettes are only starting to burn, a small or middle-sized Dutch oven, a fire skillet, a percolator, or other cookware depending on the needs, can already be placed on the stainless steel cross-shaped stand. The heat can then be used optimally e.g. for frying, heating or keeping food and beverages warm. The steady cross-shaped stand offers even more, for it can also be used as a traditional trivet.


Material: Stainless steel
Measures (assembled): 34,5 x 34,5 x 4,7 cm
Material thickness: 2 mm

Suitable for smaller barbecue starters of Ø 0.57 – 0.63 in (14,5 – 16,5 cm) or bigger chimney starters of Ø 0.75 – 0.98 in (19 – 25 cm).

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