Project Description

Petromax HK500 Electro Hanging Lamp

The electric variant of the original high-pressure lamp has been especially developed for indoor use. It thus contains all elementary components of the original lamp, which works with kerosene. It is, however, equipped with an E27 socket. The lamp is made of brass and the glass of highly heat-resistant and frosted borosilicate glass. It is, therefore, equal to the nostalgic charm of the well-known kerosene lamp. The Petromax HK 500 Hanging Lamp provides an atmospheric light and a comfortable ambiance of well-being in the home.
The electric wire of the hanging lamp is led through from the inside to the outside of the hood. It can thus be used as an alternative ceiling lamp or an additional hanging lamp in the interior area and is operated by means of a light switch.

The Petromax HK500 Electro is also available as a table lamp.

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