Project Description

Ring Cake Pan with Tart Case Lid

Cooking and baking outdoors becomes even more versatile: Not only one can bake delicious cakes with the cast-iron ring cake pan, but fresh bread and casseroles are also a great success in the classic ring mould. The application possibilities for the cast-iron lid of the pan are varied: The lid enables baking outdoors at a high temperature and functions as a tart case mould when upturned. The cast-iron ring cake pan – with the practical handle to hang it up – is outstanding for baking and cooking over an open fire, but it can definitely be used for baking in the oven as well.

Cast iron – Quality for pros

The cast iron of the ring cake pan ensures that the warmth is stored efficiently and transferred to the food evenly. Moreover, the surface is already pre-seasoned and thus does not need to be seasoned before the first use.

A multifunctional talent

Thanks to the raised edge, it is easy to place embers or charcoal on the lid of the ring cake pan. This way, the cake, bread or casserole is cooked evenly. And the pan has even more to offer. The lid with tart case mould can be used upturned for baking tart cases as well as delicious quiches and tarts.  Standing on its three feet, it also serves as a skillet or a practical platter.

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