Here is the place, where every square metre embodies and breathes the idea of Petromax: the Petromax World makes you feel the independent adventure and the original idea of cooking with fire. Since April 2018, our Petromax World delights customers from across Germany, even international fans come to visit us at our headquarters on a regularly basis. Here is an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes:

From the idea to wilderness in four walls – the development of the showroom

Blick in den Raum der Petromax Welt vor dem Umbau_Blick in den Raum der Petromax Welt nach dem Umbau_view into the Petromax World after modification

All the while we had the idea to create an accessible sales area for customers at our headquarters. But not without giving it the true Petromax branding. We wanted to create an adventurous mood and the joy of discovery for our visitors and to literally let the Petromax spark fly, as soon as they are entering the Petromax World. The 200 square metre room on the ground floor of our main building turned out to suit perfectly for that.

Petromax Welt Blick in den Rohbau

First, we installed a new ceiling with lighting and in the back part of the room we hung a drywall. A part of the room concept included an elevated exhibition area as well as an open consulting and sales space. Another highlight is the separate training area for our retailers and partners. Here, the possibility should be given to touch and feel our products in all facets and to try out diverse combinations.

Petromax Welt Raumdecke wird abgehangen_ceiling

An appropriate pedestal was custom-made with a mountain panorama in the background which was composed of almost 500 individual pictures. Generally, we set our focus on the use of natural materials during rebuilding.

Petromax Welt Holzpodest im Rohbauzustand_wooden podium at the beginning of constructionPetromax Welt fast fertiges Holzpodest und Alpenkulisse_nearly finished podium and photo wall of the Alps in the back

The anticipation rose with every step of the rebuilding. We installed a new flooring, a counter, shelves as well as a future training area which has been separated by a room divider. The custom-made furnishing and cladding, partly from large tree trunks, was an important design element as wood and cast iron Petromax products are an optimal combination.

Petromax Welt neue Raumtrenner-Boden-Regale aus Holz_new

After further detail work and fine-tuning, the opening of the Petromax World was duly celebrated in April 2018.

From this time on, the Petromax World is the heart of the dragon headquarters. Customers can touch and try high-quality products, retailers get prospective product training and visitors obtain information about outdoor cooking.

Petromax Welt Holzzuschnitte für Wandverkleidung
  • Eröffnungstag Ansprache der Geschäftsführung_grand opening day CEO speech
  • Eröffnungstag Band durchschzneiden_grand opening day cutting ribbon
  • Kunden im Showroom am Eröffnungstag1_clients in showroom at grand opening day1
  • Kunden im Showroom am Eröffnungstag2_clients in showroom at grand opening day

Opening hours for retailers and customers

Come around and see for yourself what Petromax is about and become infected with this ardour. You can visit and explore the Petromax World:

Monday – Thursday 9am – 4.30pm and Friday 9am – 3pm.

Here you can get further information as well as pictures.