The sweat on your forehead proofs it: This last climb is a tough one. The narrow pass not only leads you and your Deubelskerl over hill and dale and past steep slopes. With every step and gain in elevation anticipation rises, but also adrenaline. Not far now – only a little more concentration, because the peak is in sight. One last leap takes you over the crevice onto the small plateau and thus to a view which rewards you for the exertions. You sit down exhausted and happy and enjoy nature. The collar of your jacket closed to the chin and the hood covering your head you brave the lashing gusts. At the same time your equipment helps you acclimatise. As the Deubelskerl Jacket for Men made of Kilpax Cotton is your natural body shield which lets your skin breathe. The firm fabric effectively protects you from storm and rain and will reliably support you during your entire adventure.

Naturally equipped with the dragon: Sustainable active wear made of Petromax Kilpax Cotton allows you and your body to breathe again during strenuous adventures under the open sky.

Petromax Kilpax Cotton – Strong fabric for high demands

With the sustainable Kilpax Cotton fabric Petromax not only takes up on its own series of naturally strong clothing for outdoors, but also on a complex production process of durable textiles. For that purpose, the raw, untreated cotton is spun into delicate threads and afterwards woven precisely and extremely close into a dense fabric. This procedure was developed in the beginning of the 20th century for making fire hoses. Soon these properties were turned to good account and the durable material was used for making mission- and expedition clothing. And for exactly that purpose Petromax Kilpax Cotton is meant for: scouting and exploring under the open sky.

Natural windbreaker and moisture shield

The complex production of Petromax Kilpax Cotton brings along further advantages supporting you outdoors in a natural way: The dense and firm fabric is storm-proof and forms a proper windshield around the wearer. In addition, moisture impinging the textile is effectively and lastingly repelled, as the cotton threads swell when coming into contact with water and thus interlock even more. For that reason, Kilpax Cotton is naturally repellent against wind and water. At the same time the sustainable material remains breathable and supports a pleasant body climate. Moisture such as sweat is well transported outwards and you thus remain at optimal temperature even during strenuous hiking or cycling tours. For enhanced protection Kilpax Cotton is impregnated without using any per- or polyfluorides (PFC-free).

For dragon strong daredevils and those wishing to become them: The Deubelskerl Kilpax Cotton Jacket for Men

The Petromax Kilpax Cotton Deubelskerl for Men provides everything a modern functional jacket should have: An athletic and activity friendly cut which will support you during adventurous trips as well as in everyday life; individual adjustment options by means of cuffs with hook and loop fasteners, elastic bands at hood, collar and jacket bottom together with two large side pockets and two chest pockets offering sufficient space for map, phone and co. The jacket made of 100 % sustainable cotton with high-quality dragon logo embroidery is unlined and comfortably light-weight. It is therefore perfectly suited as top layer of clothing for the entire year. A wind- and water-repellent surface, spark resistance and breathability at the same time make it a strong equipment for hiking, kayak, climbing and cycling tours. Active use is the jacket’s work and comfort zone, there it demonstrates its strong points.

Put on your dragon dress and get outside into fresh air: With Petromax Kilpax Cotton nothing will get in the way of your urge to explore.


Your Petromax Kilpax Cotton clothing is very low maintenance and when observing the following tips, it will last a lifetime: After rain showers or strenuous hikes a simple drying in fresh air or at room temperature suffices. You can dryly brush out rough dirt such as mud carefully with a clothes brush. For severe soiling we explicitly recommend hand wash by means of an appropriate detergent. Petromax Kilpax Cotton is also suitable for machine wash, you should however observe the instructions on the attached care label and only use a suitable detergent. Especially when machine washed, your Kilpax Cotton clothing will, over time, obtain a distinctive, individual look similar to denim. You may iron Kilpax Cotton. For that purpose, you should adjust the iron to medium and smooth out the garment surface with low pressure. For logo and lettering embroidery ironing paper should be used.