The Plus for the Embers of your Outdoor Kitchen

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  • Cabix Plus

The crucial question when having a BBQ: Which charcoal shall we use? With Cabix Plus, Petromax has developed special briquettes for Dutch Ovens and cast-iron moulds with lid.

The broad surface area of the square briquettes ensures even embers around the pot and on the lid. The ideal air supply thanks to the ridge profile provides for a consistent burning behaviour with a burning time of up to four hours. The combustion with only little ash residues facilitates cleaning the lid and BBQ after your cooking experience.

Naturally sustainable

Cabix Plus briquettes are made of natural resources from the coconut milk production which makes them eco-friendly, sustainable and CO2-neutral. They are dimensionally stable and can be reused after extinguishing and, being square and stackable, they take up little storage area.

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