Petromax presents the maxi version of the cast-iron Stack Grate for the outdoor kitchen. The large Stack Grate fits perfectly for the Dutch Ovens from size ft12 and can be further used as a cooking place or trivet to roast directly in the embers or smoking large meat cuts. In order to cut a good figure at the fireplace, the Petromax Buff Leather Apron is the ideal companion. The apron not only protects you and your clothes from dirt and fat splatter, but also offers enough space for barbecue tong, knife & Co. The apron is available in two versions – with neck strap and crossed back straps, and thus provides for maximum mobility. As usual at Petromax, there are deliberate details which make the new large Stack Grate and the Buff Leather Apron indispensable at the campfire.

Anyone who is handling with pots and pans outdoors at a campfire has always appreciated the Petromax Stack Grate gr-s. Now the Stack Grate has a big brother presenting new opportunities when it comes to open air cooking. Used as insert in the Dutch Oven, the Stack Grate allows you to prepare your meat with crispy crust without coming in contact with the stock. This principle has already been working very well with the smaller Stack Grate gr-s. The gr-s30 now offers a larger surface for the big performance of large meat cuts, which are prepared in the Dutch Ovens ft12 or ft18.

An option for every option

With its size and a working surface of 7 cm (2.8 in), the new Stack Grate gr-s30 opens more possibilities such as grilling directly in the embers while offering ample room for juicy steaks, burgers or vegetable skewers. With its three solid feet, it is stable on almost any ground. It can be stacked as needed and furthermore is perfectly suited as heat-proof base as it presents all advantages of the Petromax cast iron quality. Another benefit of the new Stack Grate: Smoking large meat cuts turns out particularly juicy in the Dutch Oven.

There’s room for more

The cleverly placed indentions on the top provide for stacking with grates of the same size or the small Stack Grates. Thanks to these indentions, the Petromax Stack Grates access great heights and provide for multi-level cooking, grilling, braising and smoking for many hungry campfire guests in one go.

Technical Details

Material: cast iron
Outer diameter: 11.8 in (30 cm)
Weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Packaging weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Height: 2 in (5 cm)
RRP: 24.99 €

Reliable protection – Buff Leather Apron ab-b & ab-x

If handling with embers and fire, you need robust and functional equipment. This is exactly what the Petromax Buff Leather Apron is made for: It protects the outdoor chef and his clothes from dirt and guarantees optimal fit at the same time. Due to gently dying the natural and coarse-grained buff leather is still flexible and the material is solid and durable. Thus, the Buff Leather Apron not only stands out through its characteristic patina, but also represents a reliable companion during hot outdoor adventures.

Well-equipped for each occasion

The Buff Leather Apron is flexibly adjustable to each outdoor chef, thanks to its neck strap and waist belt.  Depending on taste and habits of wearing, the Petromax Apron is also available as a version with crossed back straps. Both versions have a pocket at chest and waist height and a lateral support strap where towel, barbecue tongs and Co. are exactly at its place. Turning your meat with style: The Petromax Buff Leather Apron stands out in dark brown combined with cognac coloured applications.


The Buff Leather Aprons ab-b / ab-x meet the high-quality standards you expect and know from Petromax products. The reinforced threads and riveted leather straps and belts give the apron saddler quality to ensure durability and longevity. This reliable companion provides for a brilliant start into the New Year. In a word: The Petromax Buff Leather Apron is a clever and functional supplement to the equipment of an outdoor kitchen.

Technical Details

Petromax Buff Leather Apron with neck strap (ab-b) / with crossed back strap (ab-x)

H x W x D: 33 x 61 x 0.4 in
Packaging dimensions (H x W x D): 13.8 x 1.9 x 13.8 in
Weight ab-b / ab-x: 1.87 lbs (850 g) / 1.98 lbs (900 g)
Packaging weight ab-b / ab-x: 1.9 lbs (865 g) / 2 lbs (915 g)
RRP: 99.99 €

About Petromax

Petromax is a leading manufacturer of equipment for outdoor cooking and living. Its coordinated product world combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. All Petromax products are of highest quality, extremely durable and feature elaborate details. Experiencing raw nature with traditional and yet well designed equipment is the focus of Petromax’ product world, which can be acquired through a well developed international network of specialised retailers with currently more than 3,000 shops as well as the online shop. Petromax’ management consists of Jonas Taureck and Dr. Pia Christin Taureck.

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