It crackles and crunches, flames flicker upwards and a light wind stirs up your wood fire by itself. The Cooking Tripod is adjusted and the attached Hanging Grate swings lightly. The hot steel braces welcome the just added T-Bone steak with a hissing noise. And while you stretch your legs, you inhale the flavour of meat, wood fire and nature with one deep breath of air through your nose.

Travel with the sense of freedom when taking along the Petromax Hanging Grate for the Tripod and experience adventures and sunsets in romantic cowboy style.

Your Hanging Grate – Grilling juicy steaks easily

With the Hanging Grate grilling of meat, vegetables and even fish works especially well, because due to the light swinging the meals cook and grill gently over the open fire. Therefore, the inside remains juicy while your food gets a nice crust on the outside together with the characteristic grilling pattern. Your meat and co. also absorb tasty roasting flavours which you can only get when cooking and grilling over the open flame.

Compact swivel grill for home and on the way

The chromium-plated steel grate hangs securely on the three sturdy chains over your cooking place after you attached it onto the hooks of your Cooking Tripod in next to no time. Via the chain you can perfectly adjust the distance of the Hanging Grate to the wood fire and thus set the heat according to dish and degree of cooking. In addition, the raised edge of almost 3 cm in height surrounds the complete grilling space and prevents food such as sausages, fish or bell peppers from dropping into the embers. This is important as the Hanging Grate is constantly swinging naturally and you can impart some extra swing to get a real taste of swivel grilling. With a grilling space of 50 cm in diameter you can either grill just for yourself or for the whole campfire party. Hanging Grate and Cooking Tripod are easy to transport.

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  • Petromax_Haenge-Rost-mit-Steak-Nahaufnahme_Hanging-Grate-with-steak_Close-up

No matter whether big city sheriff in the home garden or bushcraft bandit:

Set up your Hanging Grate anywhere!