Burgers, as no other food, belong to every BBQ party with friends in the outdoor kitchen. With the Petromax Burger Iron, you can now roast juicy burgers directly in the fire or in embers.


Perfect burgers from the fire


The burger iron holds two patties with a diameter of 4.7 inch and, thanks to its ridged structure, your burgers will have the typical striped grilling pattern. The handling is fairly simple: Prepare the meat dough and place it into the burger iron, then close the cast-iron halves at the hinges. The locking hook of the stainless steel rods will ensure secure hold and easy handling at a safe distance to the fire. The flat, flush wood handles allow you to easily turn the burger iron to evenly roast the patties from both sides and, thanks to the heat-storing properties of cast iron, use the residual heat to cook them to perfection.


Easy to handle – even easier to clean


Cleaning the burger iron is just as easy as handling it: When cooled down, open the burger iron completely, unhinge it and clean both halves separately.  For roast residues on the grilling structure, we recommend the new, perfectly matched, ridged Petromax Scraper for cast iron which removes them in a single swipe.



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