Briquettes are already glowing on your Dutch Oven Table and are only waiting to properly heat up your cast-iron pots and pans. As an experienced fire chef, you want to prepare several courses: First a savoury stew, then a juicy steak grilled to perfection and finally maybe a crumble?
From now on you only have the fire to challenge you as the Petromax Grid Tray provides for reliable support for organising your cooking.

Optimum conditions close at hand

With only a few movements the Petromax Grid Tray is hung on the prepared openings inside the support legs of your Dutch Oven Table – without any further assembly. You can choose between two positions, either a height of 15.8 in or 19.3 in. This way, you have sufficient workspace and your food is stored in a safe and hygienic distance to the ground.

  • Petromax_Ablagekorb-fuer-Feuertopf-Tisch-fe90-montiert_Grid-Tray-for-Dutch-Oven-Table-attached_tray90
  • Petromax_Ablagekorb-fuer-Feuertopf-Tisch-fe90_Grid-Tray-for-Dutch-Oven-Table_tray90_studio

Extra space for more cooking diversity

The Petromax Grid Tray is available in two sizes: With a size of 15.8 x 15.8 in (tray45) or 31.5 x 15.8 in (tray90) you provide for a stable and functional storage area on your Dutch Oven Table fe45 or fe90. The robust tray is made of chrome-plated steel and is, thus, heat-resistant. Therefore, the ideal prerequisite to set aside the hot Dutch Oven or wrought-iron pan during cooking (observe maximum load capacity of 33 lb or 55 lb!). That way, you have your hands free to add briquettes or prepare the next course.

No matter if you are a lone wolf or grill chef for the whole pack: With the Petromax Grid Tray for your Dutch Oven Table you have all necessary grilling tools, food and more directly inside your workspace. So, you can competently satisfy any ravenous hunger.