Sparks fly and the wood fire crackles, whilst the wind whips against your body. Clouds cover the sky and you skilfully shield your fireplace at the edge of the forest, tighten the rope of your tarp and make the final preparations for the night. You know: Your robust and functional equipment for outdoors will now protect and serve you well. And as you can rely on your cooking tools such as Dutch Oven and co. you can also rely on your armour from Petromax Loden. Whether “Waldmack,” “Deubelskerl” or “Bergmaid”: Your Petromax Loden Clothing protects you and your body reliably against adverse weather conditions. It provides enough room for you to be able to unrestrictedly handle the challenge of nature.

Get ready for a new, intensive way of original experience under the open sky with the oldest outdoor fabric in the world: Petromax Loden!

Petromax Loden – Strong fabric for campfire and adventure

For centuries milled-wool clothing always reliably protects humans throughout the year during outdoor exertions. Wind, rain and cold are opposed by the traditional and extremely versatile fabric Loden. Petromax Loden fabric is Made in Germany and consists of 100 % milled sheep’s wool – completely natural and without additives. In several complex work stages the wool is first spun, then woven and finally milled. In the process the Loden is so strongly tamped in water that under the pressure high compression takes place. Thus, Petromax Loden offers you versatile benefits: Due to its strong weave the milled wool is inherently spark-resistant, resistant against wind and water. It simultaneously keeps warm and is breathable, is noiseless and it supports the endogenous climate regulation. Therefore, you will not sweat easily even during intensive expeditions, hiking trips or cooking endeavours.

Damen Lodenjacke grau

Traditional fabric with modern claim – Dressed properly outdoors with Petromax

Lodenanorak Petromax - Loden Schlupfjacke in grün

As natural outdoor fabric which meets high requirements, until today Loden is first choice for hunting clothes, riding clothes or traditional garb clothing. In addition, with the models from the Petromax Loden range you profit from the guiding principle of the German dragon brand that applies to all Petromax products: The link between tradition and innovation in the highest quality. This way, functional cuts and details guarantee that your future companion made of Loden meets your requirement for modern active wear.

Which Loden is the one for you?

Waldmack – The Anorak for Explorers

The Petromax Waldmack is a true all-rounder. The robust Loden anorak accompanies you into nature throughout the year, at bushcraft or when on winter expedition. Due to its wide long cut it is the ideal outer layer for the proven multi-layer principle. You can individually adjust the high collar and the hood of the practical pullover jacket with drawcords. Two lateral zips ensure much elbow room and provide for easy slip on and off. Thus, Fire Plunger, bushcraft knife and co. are always close at hand. Inside the large kangaroo pocket with loop and D-ring there is enough space for hunters’ and explorers’ small equipment.

Deubelskerl and Bergmaid – Athletic jackets for adventurers

The athletic and male cut model “Deubelskerl” and the female version “Bergmaid” will accompany you during hunting, horse-riding, walking, climbing or at terrain expeditions. The lightweight jackets are unlined, extremely breathable and robust. The high collar and the three-times adjustable hood thereby protect your neck and head area from wind and rain. As a result, the passion for fire adventure will remain high even if the weather says otherwise. Inside each two side and chest pockets snap hooks, pocket-knife and other equipment can be quickly and safely stowed. When open the large, mesh-lined side pockets provide for ventilation.

Lodenanorak - Loden Schlupfjacke Herren
Lodenjacke Herren schwarz
Lodenjacke für Damen

Now only one thing remains to be done: Slip over your Petromax Loden, feel nature directly on the skin and, full of fiery anticipation, plunge into your next adventure.

Any adventure leaves marks, especially on your equipment. The new Petromax Loden active wear simplifies care. Airing suffices for the Loden jacket to smell fresh once again. Rough dirt from the surroundings that sticks to your jacket can be removed when dried up just by simple brushing. You can gladly iron your dragon strong Loden clothing, as you thus smoothen the milled wool fibres and, in the process, preserve the water-resistant properties. What applies to any wool garment also applies to Loden: If sometimes a wash is necessary you should have your Loden professionally dry-cleaned.