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  • Petromax T-Shirt_Drachenlogo

Dragon armour instead of chain mail – The Petromax Fan T-Shirt (limited edition)

The calls were heard: Here is the material, men’s dreams are made of! The original Petromax T-Shirt comes directly from the ideas laboratory of the dragon headquarter and is waiting for its outdoor use. This textile armour unleashes your inner beast and turns your body into a BBQ tool. Available for a limited period and exclusively at Petromax! The dragon on your chest – The fire in your heart [...]

  • Teaserbild für Petromax Advents Feuer Gewinnspiel 2018

Petromax Advent Fire 2018

Santa can pack up and leave, because we have the better gifts ready for you! Loyal Petromax fans and friends can look forward to a hot advent season as we make the weeks before Christmas a magical time with our Petromax Advent Fire Competition 2018. On all four Sundays of advent as well as on St. Nicholas day we draw prices of dragon power which will definitively keep you [...]

  • Petromax Fotokalender Kalender 2019 foto calendar 2019

Feu au foyer – Le Calendrier petromax 2019

Fans and friends of fire from around the world have participated in the photo campaign 2018 sending us stunning pictures, we want to say thank you for. These submitted photos are arranged in the Petromax Photo Calender 2019, showing the 12 most impressive open-air moments. Campfire experiences, variations of the kitchen outdoors and moments of intense light: Each motif will bring the feeling of adventure and outdoor atmosphere into [...]

  • Burgereisen_Burger Iron_Appareil à burger

Appareil à burger

Burgers, as no other food, belong to every BBQ party with friends in the outdoor kitchen. With the Petromax Burger Iron, you can now roast juicy burgers directly in the fire or in embers.   Perfect burgers from the fire   The burger iron holds two patties with a diameter of 4.7 inch and, thanks to its ridged structure, your burgers will have the typical striped grilling pattern. The [...]