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Hung well – The Petromax Grid Tray

Briquettes are already glowing on your Dutch Oven Table and are only waiting to properly heat up your cast-iron pots and pans. As an experienced fire chef, you want to prepare several courses: First a savoury stew, then a juicy steak grilled to perfection and finally maybe a crumble? From now on you only have the fire to challenge you as the Petromax Grid Tray provides for reliable support [...]

Unlimited adventure – The Petromax 2020 photo calendar

True passion for fire, light and outdoor cooking connects dragon fans. That's why Petromax does not know any borders, but only adventures and experiences all over the world! What fits more than the motto of the 2020 photo calendar "Outdoor cuisine with dragon power – fiery adventures with Petromax worldwide." 12 impressive monthly pictures show the hottest campfire experiences, cooking in the open air and intense light moments. [...]

Naturally Equipped with the Dragon – Strong Loden Clothing by Petromax

Sparks fly and the wood fire crackles, whilst the wind whips against your body. Clouds cover the sky and you skilfully shield your fireplace at the edge of the forest, tighten the rope of your tarp and make the final preparations for the night. You know: Your robust and functional equipment for outdoors will now protect and serve you well. And as you can rely on your cooking tools [...]